Friday, July 28, 2006

Pics from the SDCC

Ch'llo all! I'm a little late but managed to take some time to download some photos from the Con. The Con this year was a bit strange because we didn't seem to get as much traffic as we did in past years. Logically our location was top notch but for some reason people had trouble finding us. Oh well, it was fun overall. It always is.

It was great meeting Jeff Camp, Brianne Drouhard, Yeticatcher, Brandon, Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham, Cedric Hohnstadt, Robin Mitchell and some others I KNOW I'm forgetting about. Of course it was fun being with my boothmates Gary Ham and Dean Yeagle again. It's always a pleasure! It was nice to see Steve Lambe, Paul Davies, Rick Cortes again.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm NOT dead!!!

Wow! Sorry folks for being gone so long. Who am I kidding? It's not like ANYONE is reading this anyway. hehe. I thought I'd post some photos of a new book that I'm VERY proud of. It's a collaborative art book with myself and two other artists. This book is full color and packed with everything from sketches to finished pieces. It will be on sale at the SDCC for the first time and then online afterwards. Soooooooo if you're going to the Comic-Con please be sure to at least stop by and say hello. Also, I have a butt-load of shirts for sale. The Tricycle Tomboy is the most feared creature on the playground. And by wearing this shirt you can let her know to NOT bully you around. So if you're smart, and I know you are, you'll buy one of these shirts to keep you safe. I'll have these for online purchase as well at the end of the month.