Monday, August 25, 2008


I have to keep up on the blogging these days. What is my problem??? Well, since it's been a while I have a few things to share. Below is some artwork I did for Ben and the good people at 3D Retro( the upcoming Winter VTN Show. If you haven't been to VTN you should make plans to check it out in December. I know, it's a few months away but I like to plan early :)

Here's a couple of fun reviews of my Tricycle Terror Toy. I am both suprised and humbled by all the good attention that TT has received these past few months. It's nice to see all the hard work paying off. If anyone reading this is on the fence about purchasing one I recommend you do it sooner than later. I'm down to about 150 pieces and 100 were just delivered to my distributor. On a side note, I have some other exciting news to share about the series. The production on the NEXT piece is currently underway!!!

Thanks Josh. You rock! Go here and buy toys!!!

Brian reports some of the best toy news around. If you haven't been to go NOW and don't forget to bookmark.